aladdin and the magical lamp

A young man’s father passed away once. The young man, whose name was Aladdin, succeeded his father in managing the family business alongside his mother. One day, a total stranger entered the shop.

Aladdin was informed by the stranger, “I am your uncle.” “I’m here to see you,”

Aladdin argued that his father had never mentioned having a brother.

Turning around was Aladdin’s mum. She whispered to the visitor, her eyes narrowing, “My husband had no brother.”

I can tell you that it’s real, the stranger said. “Your husband and I made a deal years ago that if something happened to him since I’ve had a very fortunate life, I’d help bring the same good fortune to your family.”

The mother was curious. What do you envision?” she said.

the stranger

The visitor said, “I know of a secret area that holds much wealth. “Your son will go with me. You and he will be financially secure thanks to the fortune he will discover there.

The mother then concurred. The old man and the youngster trekked across the desert for days. They eventually arrived at a cave. The elderly man told Aladdin, “You must know that I have learned a little bit of magic throughout my life. “Don’t let anything you might see surprise you.”

They entered the cavern. It was pitch-black. A ball of light suddenly appeared when the elderly guy opened his hand, illuminating the cave.

in the cave

He traced the outline of a circle across the ground in the light using one long finger. He spoke some magic words while simultaneously drawing some crimson dust from his pocket and scattering it around the circle. The ground shook slightly in front of them. The cave’s floor began to split up, and the splits widened and deepened. Then a massive white quartz crystal emerged from underground, filling the circle.

The magician said, “Do not panic. “A treasure that is to be yours is hidden beneath this enormous white crystal.”

The enormous crystal lifted several feet into the air, swung to the side, and then came to rest after he murmured a few magical words. Aladdin looked through the gap. Steps that lead to a dark hole were seen.

Aladdin was told by the magician, “Fear not. But follow my instructions. Follow a lengthy hall that is at the bottom of the steps as you descend. Fruit trees will line the path you take. You must not even touch them. Continue walking until you reach a huge flat stone, where a lit lamp will be located.

Pour the lamp’s oil out, then bring it to me. Now go!”

Aladdin descended the steps carefully. The trees held fruits that glittered and gleamed across the garden of magnificent fruit trees. Unable to resist, he reached out and touched one.
He suddenly remembered what his uncle had said, but it was too late. However, nothing bad happened. He reasoned that it would be best to place the lovely jewel fruit in his vest pocket. He continued to pluck diamond fruits until all of his pockets were full.

When Aladdin arrived at the enormous flat stone, he saw that it was lit, just as his uncle had said.

the magical lamp

He returned to the cave’s entrance after pouring out the oil.

“Here I am, Uncle!” yelled Aladdin.

The magician yelled, “Give me the lamp!” in a hurry.

Aladdin responded, “Just as soon as I’m up,” perplexed by the magician’s seeming haste.

The elderly guy yelled, reaching down his hand, “No, give me the lamp NOW!” Because, as you may be aware, the lamp could only have emerged from the cave as a gift from one person to another.

The magician was aware of this and sought to assassinate the youngster after obtaining the light from him. The air had a chill, which Aladdin noticed. There was a problem. He instinctively realized that he couldn’t abandon the lamp.

Let me go up first, Aladdin pleaded. “Then I will give you the lamp.”

The air had a chill, which Aladdin noticed. There was a problem.

The magician became enraged. He yelled out more magical words as he erupted into a frenzy. The enormous white quartz crystal ascended, floated above the gap, and then touched down. Below, everything turned black. Aladdin was imprisoned!

Aladdin lost hope for two days. Why didn’t I simply give this old lamp to you? Who really cares anyway? It couldn’t have been worse than this, whatever the outcome! Why did I think that?

He rubbed the lamp and groaned, “Oh, how I wish I could get out of here!”

Instantaneously, a sizable Genie rose into the air. The Genie exclaimed, “You are my master!” To leave this cave—was that your first wish? You have three desires at your disposal.


Aladdin’s lips opened in astonishment. Of course, he murmured. More than anything, he wants to leave the cave and return to his house. Aladdin went outside his own house the very next second, still holding the lamp and carrying all of his jewel fruits in his vest pockets.

His mother found the story her son told her to be unbelievable. She asked, laughing, “Magic lamp?”, “That old thing?” She took the lamp and began to clean it with a rag. “Genie, prepare a feast for my son and me and serve it on gold plates!” I would commend this antique lamp if it had a genie inside.

You can just imagine the mother’s shock! The Genie emerged from the lamp, and a feast ensued.

A royal feas, served on gold-plated plates, weighed down her kitchen table.

gold plates

A feast unlike any other was enjoyed by mother and son. The mother then cleaned and sold the gold plates in order to purchase the basic necessities of life. Aladdin and his mother enjoyed a happy life after that.

Why think small? Aladdin asked himself one day. With my jewel-fruits, I may marry the princess and become the prince of this kingdom!”

His mum chuckled. “You can’t just show up with some expensive gifts at a palace and expect to wed the princess!” Aladdin, however, persuaded her to give it a shot. The mother went to the palace while some of the jewel-fruits were wrapped in silk cloth.

The guards immediately stopped her. But they allowed her entry because she said she had something really precious for the Sultan.

Some of the jewel-fruits were wrapped in silk cloth.

“What have you brought me in those silk rags?” the Sultan said.

The jewel-fruits were displayed to him.


The Sultan was taken aback. However, he must provide to me 40 golden trays filled with the same stones, carried in by attendants, if your son is as deserving of my daughter as you claim.

The mother returned home and explained the Sultan’s request to her son. It’s not an issue, Aladdin said. Make your second wish and summon the Genie. His mother then made a second wish while rubbing the bulb. She arrived at the Sultan’s palace steps shortly after with 40 golden trays filled with the jewel-fruits, carried in by an equal number of attendants.

Sultan was content. But you can’t believe this will be enough to win my daughter’s hand, he continued. Your son must construct a golden mansion for him and my daughter to reside in if he wants to win my genuine favor.

The Mother also returned with this information. So the Mother’s next wish was to have the Genie build her a golden palace. The Sultan awoke the following morning to find a massive, golden palace standing outside his chamber.

golden palace

It is time for you to go, my son, to meet your princess, his mother remarked as she sat in the living room of Aladdin’s palace. After achieving her goals, she offered him the lamp.

The Sultan called his daughter early the following morning. He pointed out the window, “Look at this palace!” “This is the man you should marry!”

Asking “What do you mean, Father?” His daughter said. What are your knowledge of this man? Have you ever met this person?

The Sultan asked, “What’s there to know?” He is capable of erecting a golden castle over night. He is even more powerful than the Vizier, my royal advisor.

The Sultan asked, “What’s there to know?” He is capable of erecting a golden castle over night. He is even more powerful than the Vizier, my royal advisor.

The Sultan asked, “What’s there to know?” “He can make a palace of gold materialize in an instant.”

His daughter stated, “I was going to marry your Vizier, who was the most powerful man in the kingdom yesterday. This stranger is currently the most powerful person, and we will soon get married. Who is the most powerful, and why do you believe that matters to me?

princess jasmine

The Sultan exclaimed, “It matters to ME!” He said, “Daughter, you’re just excited to get such a fine husband,” in a quieter tone.

I find this unbelievable. In desperation, the princess raised her arms before walking away.

The princess moaned in her dressing room. She told her lady-in-waiting, Nadia, “My father is determined to marry me off, no matter what!”

But Madam, isn’t this charming stranger a perfect fit for you? Nadia said.

Princess groaned. She took a glimpse at her waiting woman. You have more luck than you realize, she said. I prefer to live your life than have it handed to me in this manner.

And I like to live your life, Nadia added.
The two of them exchanged long, intense looks.

They shared the same hair color and were almost the same height. With all the scarves girls their age wore…
They yelled, “Let’s do it!” jointly.

jasmine and nadia

And they both dressed differently.

Aladdin was on his way to the Sultan’s palace to meet his wife at that precise moment. He was cordially welcomed by the Sultan.

He responded, “Remain here in my palace until the preparations for your marriage are finished.” The princess and Aladdin did not meet until the day of their wedding. He thought Nadia, who was draped in scarves, was the real princess until he caught a distant glance of her. The anticipation for the wedding day grew among Aladdin, the Sultan, and the other residents of the palace.

save for one individual. The uncle-magician who had locked Aladdin in the cave was also the Vizier of the Sultan.

He instantly recognized Aladdin. He was aware that the young man could only have one explanation for presenting the Sultan with all of this sorcery. Aladdin must have left the cave while carrying the lamp!

The Vizier vowed, “I will exact my retribution.” “If anyone is going to have the lamp, it’s gonna be ME!” He could determine where Aladdin had concealed the light using his wizardry. The Vizier entered quietly while Aladdin was dozing off and took it.

tooking the lamp

The Vizier made his first wish in a serene setting: “Genie, follow my instructions. You must transport Aladdin’s palace to a remote location in the desert where no one can discover it.

The Vizier was unaware that Nadia was currently touring Aladdin’s palace. There was also another issue that the Vizier was ignorant of. The Genie believed that the Vizier had ordered that be taken away in addition to the palace. The Vizier, the golden palace, and Nadia inside it were all sent to a remote location in the desert by the Genie.

The Sultan awoke the following morning to find nothing where Aladdin’s palace had been the previous day.

The princess had vanished, his servants hurriedly announced as they entered. He yelled for Aladdin in rage.
He screamed at her indignantly, “What have you done?” “I lost my daughter as a result of your magic tricks! I need you to get her back to me in three days, or you risk losing your head.

He screamed at her indignantly, “What have you done?”

Aladdin believed that if he made use of his second wish, the Genie would also send the princess and the castle back. He looked all about, but his magic lantern was nowhere to be seen.

Aladdin had no choice but to ride out of Sultan’s palace on the same white horse he had entered on out of desperation. He traveled from town to town, but sadly, no one had any information about the palace that had materialized out of nowhere, let alone the fact that it contained a princess.

Where was the real princess during all of this, you might be wondering. She had snuck out of the palace that very day that she had changed clothes with Nadia while disguised as a serving girl. She had gone down to the bazaar, where she had encountered an elderly merchant.


The elderly trader admitted to her that he was worn out from years of travelling between towns to promote his potions and perfumes.

Even though the princess was modestly attired, she nonetheless held herself like a princess. She won the old merchant’s trust, and he was thrilled when she offered to ride his camel train for him and split the money she made. This is how our princess ended up travelling from town to town while hawking potions and fragrances over the desert.

Two days went by. Aladdin had not made any progress in discovering his missing palace since he had left the Sultan. Aladdin was hunched in front of his tent, his head in his hands.

“Why is that face sad?”
When the princess passed, the camel train stopped. “Perhaps a potion will improve your mood.”

jasmine and aladdin

Aladdin replied, “No, thank you. “The only thing that could be helpful is if I could recover my lost palace and bring a princess back. You see, my palace disappeared over night and I have no idea where it went. Most likely, the princess was inside. Oh no, this is impossible.

Maybe not, the princess replied. “During my travels, I heard about a palace in the desert that recently appeared out of thin air.”

Aladdin asked, “Really?” He raised his head. Do you understand where?

“I believe so. You may go there with me. By leaving right now, we could arrive by dawn.

“I’d be so appreciative!” Aladdin stated. Except for one, he had given his mother the rest of the jewel fruits.
He presented this to the camel rider as

He presented this as payment to the camel rider.

She waved her hand and said, “Oh, keep it. “There’s no problem. Bring your steed and ride with my camel.
They discussed a wide range of topics as they rode through the night.

camel ride

The young lady’s pleasant demeanor and kind heart astounded Aladdin. Somehow, he sensed that he could rely on her. Soon after, he began to tell her the tale of how he had found the magic lamp in the cave and how both it and the palace had been taken from him.

They were traveling between two extremely tall rose-colored rock walls with thin white and blue streaks as the morning sun began to shine. The granite walls abruptly came to an end, and they reached a clearing.

The princess said, pointing forward, “Look!” “Is that all there is to it?”

“It is!” When Aladdin saw his palace, he rejoiced and screamed out. He exclaimed, “I hope the princess is still in there.”

However, I am powerless to bring them both back in time without my lamp.

Nadia, who, as you probably recall, had been taken away with the palace, was just then gazing out the window at the new visitors. She was shocked to realise that the camel train’s rider was none other than her adored former mistress. They both moved towards the entrance as she waved at them.

The attendants welcomed the visitors. As she led them inside the drawing room, Nadia locked the door. “Mistress!” she exclaimed. I am really happy to see you.

“I’m glad to see you, too, Nadia.”

Aladdin was awestruck. “You two are acquainted?”

However, the princess didn’t say much more to Nadia except, “Tell me, how do you find being a princess?”

The dresses were stunning at first, she remarked. “Everything I imagined! And I enjoyed the attention I received plenty. However, the Vizier also arrived at this palace when I became distracted by it. He has only been flying around and smashing things for the past two days. “He imprisoned me here!”

The princess exclaimed, “That’s terrible!”

There is more, Nadia said. He indicated with his lantern that I would have to wed him when we returned to the Sultan’s territory the following day.

“With his lamp,” he said. The princess and Aladdin exchanged glances.

To Nadia, the princess made a turn. “Wait a second! I have a strategy.

Nadia received one of the sleeping pills the princess had on hand. Nadia was instructed to add the sleeping remedy to the Vizier’s drink before his return that evening. He would drift off into a soundless sleep, unawakened by any commotion. She acted in that manner.

aladdin searching for lamp:

When the evil man snored, Nadia, the princess, and Aladdin looked everywhere for the magical light. They had finally discovered it!

“Now I can make a second wish,” Aladdin replied, holding the lamp once more. I’m going to wish for this castle and everyone in it to return to the Sultan’s domain – except for the Vizier.”

“Wait!” exclaimed the princess. “Leave me behind as well.”

Aladdin begged her to accompany him, but the princess refused. She enjoyed her life of independence far too much. Aladdin was irritated that she would be left behind with the Vizier. But she told him that the Vizier would not awaken for hours and that she would have plenty of time.

So Aladdin touched the lamp and asked the Genie for his wish.

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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Illustrated By: Suzie Chang

Once upon a time, a young man’s father died.  Aladdin, as that was the young man’s name, took his father’s place in running the family store with his mother.  One day, a stranger walked into the store.

“I am your uncle,” said the stranger to Aladdin.  “I have come to see you.”

“But my father never spoke of a brother,” said Aladdin.

Aladdin’s mother turned around. “My husband had no brother,” said she to the stranger, narrowing her eyes.

“I assure you it is true,” said the stranger. “Years ago your husband and I agreed that if something should happen to him, since I have been very fortunate in my life, I would help to bring the same good fortune to your family.”

The mother was interested.  “What do you have in mind?” she said.

Aladdin Story

“I know of a secret place that holds many riches,” said the stranger.  “I will take your son. With the wealth he will find there, you and he will be set for life.”

And so the mother agreed.  The old man and the boy traveled for days throughout the desert.  At last they came to a cave. “You must know that I learned a bit of magic in my life,” said the old man to Aladdin.  “Don’t be surprised by anything you might see.”

They stepped inside the cave.  Pitch-black it was. The old man shook open his fist and a ball of light suddenly appeared, brightening the cave. 

Under the light with one long finger, he drew the shape of a circle over the ground. He pulled from his pocket some red dust and threw it over the circle, and at the same time said some magic words.  The earth trembled a little before them. The floor of the cave cracked open, and the cracks grew wider and deeper. Then up from below the ground rose a giant white quartz crystal and it filled the circle. 

“Do not be alarmed,” said the magician.  “Under this giant white crystal lies a treasure that is to be yours.”    

He chanted a few magic words and the giant crystal rose up several feet in the air, moved to the side and landed.  Aladdin peered into the hole. He saw steps that led down to a dark hole.

 “Fear nothing,” said the magician to Aladdin. “But obey me. Go down, and at the foot of the steps, follow a long hall.  You will walk through a garden of fruit trees. You must touch nothing of them. Walk on till you come to a large flat stone and on the stone will be a lighted lamp.  Pour out the oil in the lamp and bring it to me. Now go!”

Aladdin slowly stepped down the stairs.  Through the garden of fruit trees and marvelous to behold, the trees held fruits that sparkled and shone. He could not help but reach out and touch one. 

Then – too late – he remembered what his uncle had said. But nothing terrible happened. So he figured he might as well put the fine jewel-fruit in his vest pocket.  Then he plucked another and another jewel-fruit, till all his pockets were filled.

Aladdin came to the large flat stone, and on it was a lighted lamp, just as his uncle had said. 

He poured out the oil and took it back to the opening of the cave.

Aladdin called out, “Here I am, Uncle!”

The magician called out in a great hurry, “Give me the lamp!”

“Just as soon as I’m up,” said Aladdin, wondering why the magician seemed in such a hurry.  

“No, give me the lamp NOW!” cried the old man, reaching down his hand.  For you see, the only way the lamp could come out of the cave was as a gift, from one person to another. 

The magician knew this, and he wanted to get the lamp from the boy as soon as he could, and then kill him.  Aladdin felt a chill in the air. Something was wrong. Somehow he knew he must not give up that lamp.  

“Let me up first,” said Aladdin.  “Then will I give you the lamp.”

Aladdin felt a chill in the air.  Something was wrong.

The magician was furious. He fell into a rage and barked out more magical words.  The giant white quartz crystal rose up, hovered over the hole and landed. All went dark below. Aladdin was trapped!

For two days, Aladdin despaired.  “Why didn’t I just hand over this old lamp?  Who cares about it, anyway?  Whatever might have come of it, it couldn’t have been worse than this!  What was I thinking?”

Rubbing the lamp, he moaned, “Oh, how I wish I could get out of here!”

At once, a huge Genie rose up into the air.  “You are my master!” boomed the Genie. “Was that your first wish – to get out of this cave?  Three wishes are yours to command.”

Aladdin’s mouth fell open, amazed. He mumbled yes, of course!  More than anything he wanted to get out of the cave and go home!  The very next moment, Aladdin was outside his own home, still holding the lamp and with all his jewel-fruits in his vest pockets.  

His mother could not believe the tale her son told her.  “Magic lamp?” she laughed. “That old thing?” She took the lamp, grabbed a rag, and started to clean it.  “If there were really a Genie in this old lamp, I would say to it, ‘Genie, make a feast for my son and me, and serve it on plates of gold!’”

You can imagine the mother’s surprise!  The Genie rose up out of the lamp, and a feast fit for a king weighed down her kitchen table, on plates of glimmering gold.   

Mother and son enjoyed a feast like no other.  Then the mother washed and sold the gold plates, and bought necessary things to live.  From then on, Aladdin and his mother lived well.

One day, Aladdin thought to himself, “Why think small?  With my jewel-fruits, I could marry the princess and become the prince of this land!”

His mother laughed.  “You can’t just go to a palace with some fine gifts and expect to marry the princess!”  But Aladdin urged her to try. They wrapped some of the jewel-fruits in silk cloth, and the mother went to the palace.

The guards stopped her at once.  But as she insisted she had something very valuable for the Sultan, they let her in.

They wrapped some of the jewel-fruits in silk cloth.

Said the Sultan, “What have you brought me in those silk rags?”

She showed him the jewel-fruits. 

The Sultan was impressed. “But if your son is as worthy of my daughter as you say, he must bring me 40 golden trays of the same gems, carried in by servants.”

The mother went home and told her son the Sultan’s demand.  “It’s no problem,” said Aladdin. “Call for the Genie and make your second wish.” And so his mother rubbed the lamp and made her second wish.  Before long, she was at the steps of the Sultan’s palace with 40 golden trays of the jewel-fruits, carried in by as many servants.

The Sultan was pleased.  “But you cannot think this is enough to win the hand of my daughter!” he said. “To truly win my favor, your son must build a golden palace for he and my daughter to live.”

The Mother brought back this news, too.  So for her third wish, the Mother asked the Genie to create a golden palace.  The next morning, right outside the Sultan’s bedroom, appeared a huge golden palace, gleaming in the sun.

Aladdin Story

Meanwhile back at Aladdin’s home, his Mother said, “It is time for you to go, my son, to meet your princess.”  Her wishes spent, she gave him the lamp.

The next morning, the Sultan called for his daughter.  “Look at this palace!” he said, pointing out the window.  “This is the husband for you!”

“What do you mean, Father?” said his daughter.  “What do you know about this man? Have you ever met him?”

“What’s there to know?” said the Sultan.  “He can make a golden palace appear overnight.  He’s even more powerful than my royal adviser, the Vizier.”

“What’s there to know?” said the Sultan. “He can make a golden palace appear overnight.”

 “Yesterday, your Vizier was most powerful man in the kingdom,” said his daughter, “and I was to marry him.  Today, this stranger is the most powerful one and I’m to marry him. Why do you think it matters to me who’s the most powerful?” 

Aladdin Story

“It matters to ME!” said the Sultan.  In a lower voice he said, “Daughter, you’re just excited to get such a fine husband.”

“I can’t believe this!” The princess threw her arms up in despair, and she left.

In her dressing room, the princess groaned.  To Nadia, her lady-in-waiting, she said, “My father is determined to marry me off, no matter what!”

 “But Madam,” said Nadia, “isn’t this wonderful stranger an excellent match for you?”

The princess sighed.  She looked at her lady-in-waiting.  “You don’t know how lucky you are,” she said. “I would rather live your life than be handed off in this way.”

“And I would rather live yours,” said Nadia.  The two of them stared at each other for a couple of moments.  They were about the same height, with the same color hair. With all the scarves maidens like them wore…

“Let’s do it!” they said together. 

And the two of them changed clothes.

Just then, Aladdin was riding to the Sultan’s palace on a white horse, ready to meet his bride.  The Sultan warmly greeted him.

“Stay here in my palace until the preparations for your wedding are complete,” he said.  Aladdin could not meet the princess until their wedding day. He caught a glimpse of Nadia from a distance, covered in scarves, thinking she was the true princess.  Aladdin, the Sultan, and everyone else in the palace waited with growing excitement for the wedding day.

Except for one person.  The uncle-magician who had left Aladdin trapped in the cave was also the Sultan’s Vizier.

He had recognized Aladdin at once.  He knew there could be only one reason the young man could present all this magic to the Sultan. Aladdin must have escaped from the cave, and with the lamp!  

“I will get my revenge!” swore the Vizier.   “If anyone is to have the lamp, it is ME!” By his magic, he could tell where Aladdin had hidden the lamp.  While Aladdin was sleeping, the Vizier crept in and took it.

In a quiet place, the Vizier made his first wish: “Genie, do as I say.  I want you to take Aladdin’s palace to a faraway place in the desert that no one can find!”

What the Vizier did not know was at that very moment, Nadia was exploring Aladdin’s palace.  And there is something else the Vizier did not know. The Genie thought the Vizier had commanded to be taken away also, along with the palace.  So the Genie sent the Vizier, the golden palace, and Nadia inside it, all together to the faraway place in the desert. 

The next morning, the Sultan awoke and saw nothing outside his bedroom window where Aladdin’s palace had stood the day before.  The next moment his servants rushed in, announcing that the princess had disappeared. Furious, he called for Aladdin.

“What have you done?” he yelled in a rage.  “Because of your magic tricks I have lost my daughter!  You must bring her back to me in three days or it will cost you your head!” 

“What have you done?” he yelled in a rage.

Aladdin thought he would simply use his second wish and the Genie would bring back the princess and the castle too. But his magic lamp was gone – he looked everywhere! 

In despair, Aladdin could do nothing but to leave the Sultan’s palace on the white horse he had rode in on. Sadly, he rode from town to town but no one knew anything about a palace that had appeared overnight, no to mention one with a princess inside.  

You may wonder, where was the true princess all this time? Dressed as a servant girl, she had crept out of the palace the very day she had switched clothes with Nadia.  Down to the marketplace she had gone, and there she met an aging merchant.

Aladdin Story

The old merchant told her he was tired from riding so many years from town to town, selling his potions and perfumes. 

The princess was dressed humbly, yet she still carried herself like royalty. She gained the confidence of the old merchant, and when she offered to ride his camel train for him and share what she earned, he was delighted.  That is how our princess found herself up clop-clopping through the desert, selling potions and perfumes from town to town.

Two days passed. Aladdin was no closer to finding his lost palace than he had been before he left the Sultan.  Crouched in front of his tent, Aladdin held his head in his hands.  

“Why the sad face?” The princess was riding by and she stopped her camel train.  “Perhaps a potion will make you feel better.”

 “No, thank you,” said Aladdin.  “The only thing that could help is if I could bring back a princess and find my lost palace.  You see, my palace vanished overnight to a place I know not where. The princess was probably inside it. Oh, this is an impossible task!”

“Maybe not,” said the princess. “In my travels, I heard of a palace in the desert that appeared out of nowhere, not long ago.”

“Really?” said Aladdin.  He looked up. “Do you know where?”

“I think so.  I could take you there.  If we left now, we could get there by morning.”

“I’d be so grateful!” said Aladdin.  He had left all the jewel-fruits with his Mother except one.  This he offered to the camel-rider as payment.

“Oh, keep it,” said she with a wave of her hand.  “It’s no trouble. Bring your horse to ride alongside my camel.”

Riding through the night, the two of them spoke of many things. 

Aladdin marveled at the young lady’s easy manner and generous spirit.  He somehow knew she could be trusted. Before long, he told her his story of how he had discovered the magic lamp in the cave and how it had been stolen from him, along with the palace.  

As the morning’s light brightened, they were riding between two very tall walls of rock, rose-colored they were, with thin bands of white and blue.  Suddenly the rock walls ended, and they arrived at a clearing.

“Look!” said the princess, pointing ahead.  “Is that it?”

“It is!” Aladdin cried out with joy, recognizing his palace.  “I hope the princess is still in there!” he said.  “Though without my lamp, I have no way to get them both back in time.”

Just then Nadia, who had been carried away along with the palace as you no doubt remember, was looking out the window at the new guests.  To her surprise, she recognized the rider of the camel train as none other than her beloved former mistress. She waved at them both to come to the front door.

The servants let in the guests. Nadia took them to the drawing room and shut the door. She said, “Mistress!  How glad I am to see you!”

“I’m glad to see you too, Nadia.”

Aladdin was amazed. “You two know each other?”

But the princess only said to Nadia, “Tell me, how do you find being a princess?” 

 “At first, the gowns were marvelous,” she said.  “Everything I dreamed of! And I liked well enough all the attention I got.  But when I was carried away with this palace, the Vizier came with it, too.  For the last two days he has done nothing but fly about in a rage and smash things. He locked me up in here!”

“That’s terrible!” said the princess.

“There’s more,” said Nadia.  “He said with his lamp, that tomorrow we’ll return to the Sultan’s land and I will have to marry him!”  

“He said…with his lamp?” Aladdin and the princess looked at each other.

The princess turned to Nadia. “Wait a minute!  I have a plan.” 

The princess gave Nadia one of the sleeping potions in her stock.  She told Nadia that when the Vizier returned that night, she must pour the sleeping potion into his wine.  He would fall into a sleep so deep that he would not be awakened by any noise. That is what she did. 

When the wicked man was snoring, Nadia, the princess, and Aladdin searched everywhere for the magic lamp. At last they found it!  

The lamp in his hands again, Aladdin said, “Now I can make a second wish. I am going to wish for this castle and everyone in it to go back to the Sultan’s kingdom – except for the Vizier.”

“Wait!” said the princess.  “Leave me behind, too.” 

Aladdin urged her to come with him, but the princess would have none of it. She liked too well the life of freedom she led.  Aladdin did not like at all that she would be left behind with the Vizier. But she assured him the Vizier would not awaken for hours, and she would have plenty of time to get far away.  

So Aladdin rubbed the lamp and stated his wish to the Genie. 

aladdin wished:

Aladdin, the palace, and Nadia were all transported back to the site where the palace had previously stood in an instant.

The Sultan was overjoyed to see his daughter, or rather, the young woman he mistook for his daughter, wrapped in scarves. “We will hold the wedding in three days!” the Sultan exclaimed to Aladdin.

Aladdin’s heart, however, was growing sorrowful. Nadia was a lovely young lady, but there was something about the woman who rode the camel train and sold perfumes and potions. He couldn’t get the sound of her laugh, her astute mind, and the warmth of her presence out of his head.

Finally, he rubbed the lamp.

“Master,” the Genie inquired, “do you want mountains of jewels for your third wish, power over all neighboring lands, or the strength of 100 men?”

“None of that,” Aladdin answered. “I’d like you to take me to that young woman I met, the camel rider, the perfume and potion seller.”

“But, Master, this is your third and last wish!” exclaimed the Genie. “What if you offered this woman your heart and she didn’t accept it?” You’ll miss out on marrying the Sultan’s daughter and becoming a prince.”

“I don’t care!” Aladdin exclaimed. “I have to tell her what’s on my mind.” Whatever happens, happens.”

So Aladdin granted his third and final wish and was transported to the genuine princess. As it turned out, she wasn’t all that far from the Sultan’s domain.

Aladdin expressed his actual love to her, and she reciprocated.

jasmine told her story:

She told him her narrative, about how she was born a princess but now preferred to live as a traveling merchant. Aladdin stated that he wished to spend the rest of his days with her by his side. So they agreed to marry and ride the camel train from town to town selling potions and fragrances.

Then came the shocking news! Aladdin and the princess were informed that the Sultan had died unexpectedly. “Since your father is no longer alive, would you please return to your father’s palace?” Aladdin asked his new bride. We might control the kingdom alongside each other.”

Aladdin and the princess made a very special magical potion as a farewell to their life on the camel train.

A magic carpet arrived in a puff of smoke! And Aladdin and the princess soared back to the palace on this magical carpet.

Nadia was overjoyed to see them. She joyfully stepped down to resume her duties as the princess’s lady-in-waiting.

Aladdin and the princess ruled the kingdom wisely and well for the rest of their lives. And they lived happily ever after, just as you should.

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