arial the little mermaid

This is the story of Arial the little mermaid…

The Sea King governed the underwater realm far down in the sea, where the water level is quite deep.

His fortress was located in the deepest part of the ocean. Blue coral was used to create the walls. There were shells on the roof that would open and close in response to the water. The Sea King, his mother, and their four daughters—who were all born a year apart—lived there.

curious arial

The Little mermaid was the least old of the four princesses. She spent the majority of her time searching for boats that had sunk into the ocean below. Treasures from the upper world were on board the ships. She would assemble her collection in various locations while filling her arms. She would sing the entire time. Fish gathered near to hear her as she did. Because the voice of the Little Mermaid was the most exquisite underwater.

The girls were aware that they would be able to swim to the top for the first time when they became 15 years old. The Little Mermaid would have to wait a very long time because she was the youngest.

She forced her grandmother to explain everything about living on land to her. stories about towns and ships, as well as all the human-related tales she was aware of.

15 years old arial

The oldest sister is soon to turn 15. She was the first who was permitted to ascend to the surface. She had a lot of marvels to share with her sisters when she got back! She spoke of relaxing on the fine, white sand. A dark blue sky with fluffy white clouds was visible high above. Later, she claimed, the sun sank, and the entire sky turned crimson and gold. She had seen the birds as they flew far above her, diving and turning in the sky’s red and gold.

It was winter when the next sister turned 15.

She spoke of icebergs that shone brightly while floating in the water. She claimed that all the ships avoided the icebergs, perhaps out of terror.

But the icebergs didn’t appear to be isolated. They were floating close to one another like pals.
When the third sister’s time came, she related how she tried to get as near as she could to a town’s entrance. People shouting and horses clip-clopping along the street could be heard by her. even music she had never previously heard.

amazed little MERMAID

The Mermaid was amazed to hear all of this. She shouldn’t have had to wait for the longest, it wasn’t fair! Finally, she reached her 15th birthday.
She could now ascend above the surface and take a look for herself.
The Mermaid was standing close to a sizable ship when she rose above the ocean. Lovely tunes were playing on the ship. On the deck, sailors were dancing. They were enjoying themselves and laughing a lot. There must be a celebration! She could see more clearly every so often when the waves pulled the Little Mermaid aloft. A tall, appealing young man emerged onto the deck. One hundred rockets shot into the air when he did. It was a party for him. Was he a birthday boy?

She moved in close.
All of the men appeared to enjoy that young man. The sailors would giggle as he spoke. On occasion, they gave him a hearty pat on the back. That once caused his crown to come off. The men scooped it up while laughing. “A crown,” the Little Mermaid answered. “I’m sure he’s a prince.”

Suddenly, the wind increased up and it got quite black. On the deck, the seamen began to scurry about. The sail was lowered by them. The vessel swooped and dove. On the high waves, it rocked from side to side and up and down.

the thunder

Next came lightning. Thunder. A severe downpour occurred. On the choppy waves, the unfortunate ship started to lean! The Little Mermaid was blinded by the darkness.

The young prince was on deck when the sky was suddenly illuminated by lightning. He appeared to be the sole person who had remained. To keep the boat afloat, he was exerting great effort. To his troops who had leaped, he was throwing ropes. But all of a sudden, the waves became extremely large, and the ship began to capsize. The Prince was thrown overboard after being tossed over the edge of the ship. He plummeted into the water below.
He went down fairly quickly. The Little Mermaid didn’t know what to do. She was aware that people cannot survive underwater. She quickly and deeply plunged.

She was able to catch his shirt with her outstretched arm. She then swam as quickly as she could to the surface. Finally, she was able to raise his head from the water. As the waves swelled and fell, the two of them drifted there. The storm was over by sunrise. The prince, though, remained as motionless as he had been the entire night. The Little Mermaid could make out hilltops in the distance. She exclaimed, “Land!”

He was pulled behind her while she raced to the shore. She managed to lift the young man onto the dry sand, which was not an easy feat. Is he deceased? Her music was depressing. The prince suddenly got up and moved. “Oh! Are you okay?” she inquired.

tapped his forehead, then.

She heard some girls approaching just then. She jumped into the water right away and hid behind a rock. She is a mermaid, and they can’t see her! The prince was discovered by the females and was now awake. He was led away shortly after they requested assistance. She would keep the fact that she had saved the prince a secret. The Little Mermaid fell into a pit of despair. Her sisters were eager to hear about her journey when she returned home. But she was too depressed to speak.

Days passed. weeks later…

The sisters sought assistance from their grandmother. The grandmother visited her grandchild. She asked, “Child, what is the matter?”

Grandmother, I’ll never be happy again, the Little Mermaid cried. She related how she had met the prince and had rescued him. then having to abandon him. I’ll be depressed the rest of my days if I can’t find a way to land and be with that young man.

“My child,” the grandma remarked, “you know as well as I do that a mermaid cannot walk on two legs! Why, only the Sea Witch is capable of doing something like. But going to her is obviously far too risky.

mermaid and the witch

Sea Witch! Before she realized it, the young mermaid was sailing to the Sea Witch’s home in the remote part of the ocean.

The Sea Witch said when the young mermaid explained what she required, “This is no problem,” “I work much harder to solve issues than this. Why, all you have to do is drink my elixir to get legs. She turned to face the girl after that. But understand that I don’t just give it away.
The Little Mermaid exclaimed, “Oh!” “So what is your cost?” She had an uplift in her heart. So there was still a chance for her to have two legs and be with the prince!

“Oh, not too much,” the Sea Witch remarked.
“First of all, you have to silence yourself.”

The Little Mermaid questioned, “My voice?” She was aware that everyone adored her voice the most.

You don’t require it, the Sea Witch said. “What a waste of time, talk, chatter! But remember this, sweetie. You must perish the next day if the prince weds someone else. And I’ll always remember the sound of your voice. Nevertheless, who knows? He might select YOU.
My heart leaped for The Little Mermaid.

The green potion-filled glass was extended by the sea witch. She exclaimed, “So!” What’s your plan of action? Decide what you want! Not the whole day, please.

The Little Mermaid drank the concoction. She experienced pain and dizziness all at once as if a blade were being thrust through her body. She jerked and swirled before falling. She was on the same dry terrain when she woke up as when she had saved the prince. She could see that her fantasy had come true when she raised her head. She had two human legs where her tail had been.
Say, Miss, are you having any issues? It was the prince, of course!
She attempted to speak, but nothing came out of her mouth.


He asked, “Can you not speak?” “No,” she shook her head. “Oh! Let me bring you to the castle, then. There is a place for cleaning, and you can obtain some dry clothing.

The mermaid of the sea was certain to be overjoyed to meet the prince at the palace! It took some getting used to walking on two legs. But she quickly mastered it. The prince gave her a tour of the castle’s interior that evening. He would describe the subject of a portrait to her in great detail.

They chuckled together whenever he uttered something amusing. Her sympathetic gaze let him know that she understood why the narrative was sad and that she was also upset.

royal celebration

A royal celebration was the following day. The prince had not been anticipating going there. Standing around for hours with nicely dressed folks that talk nonstop and don’t have anything to say! He invited the Little Mermaid to accompany him. She gave a hearty “yes” nod. The prince was happy that day to have the Little Mermaid at his side. He would occasionally speak to her in a low voice. She understood, and he could tell by the look on her face.

The prince desired the Little Mermaid to be by his side always after that. He even imagined that he would fall in love with her. However, he continued to harbour hopes that he would wed the woman whose sweet voice he remembered from the time he had been saved. It was obvious that the person who was unable to communicate or sing was not his beautiful new friend.

One day, the King sent for his son. “Son,” he added, “your mother and I have decided. It’s about time you got married. You’re in luck because we’ve already chosen one for you.

The prince exclaimed, “What!?” He was solely interested in getting married to the woman who had the lovely voice in his memory.

“Who is she?” you ask.
“A princess from an adjacent country. She will be arriving tonight with her parents. We’ll organise the wedding.

The prince felt defeated. The Little Mermaid also experienced terror. The day after the prince wed someone else, she understood what would happen to her!

the sea witch

Her problems grew worse that evening. The Sea Witch had given this princess her voice, something the Little Mermaid was unaware of. She was a self-centered princess who only thought about herself. However, the Little Mermaid’s voice was heard when she spoke. The prince was in disbelief. He requested that the princess sing. The voice that permeated the space was that of the Little Mermaid.

The prince was in awe of his good fortune. He could now wed the woman he had yearned to marry for so long! The Little Mermaid attempted to convey her happiness for him when he expressed his joy with her. But she felt melancholy in her heart.

The Little Mermaid headed to the water early the following morning. Concerned because they hadn’t heard from her, her sisters rose outside the water to check on her. Their smallest sister informed them of her problems. The prince’s wedding was scheduled for the next day! She must pass away the following day. The sisters assured us they had a solution, so don’t worry!
They instructed her to return to later that evening, they instructed her to return to the coast. After that, they returned to the water.

The Little Mermaid obeyed orders and returned to the shore that evening. The three sisters stood back up. Their gorgeous long hair was gone. They had all been severed in order to offer it to the Ocean Witch in exchange for a knife. The princess must be killed that very night by the Little Mermaid using the knife. She could head back to the ocean and be with her family if the wedding was unable to go ahead. Since she was aware of how much they had done for her out of love, she took the knife. However, she was confident that she would not commit murder.

the wedding day

The big day had finally come.

Along with the other guests, The Little Mermaid approached the wedding ship. At dusk, the marriage ceremony would take place.

All three of the sisters had gone back to their houses in the interim. A irate father welcomed them. The Sea King yelled, “Where is your sister?” “Where have all of you been?”

They informed the father of the difficulties facing their youngest sister. Aboard the wedding ship, the father swam up. He observed the prince and princess preparing for their nuptials. He was aware that his daughter had not used the blade the previous evening.

the sea king

At once, the Sea King rushed to see the Sea Witch.  She laughed. She said there was only one way to save his youngest daughter from her fate.  If he would just hand over his scepter to her, the Little Mermaid could be saved. With the scepter in her hand, the Sea Witch would rule the underworld kingdom!  The Sea King took a deep breath. What else could he do? So, he agreed.

The Sea Witch grabbed the scepter and laughed in glee.  She rushed to the wedding ship to see her victory. The Little Mermaid saw the Sea Witch rise out of the sea.  She saw that with the scepter, the Sea Witch had become a huge sea monster. Tentacles were twisting out from all over her body like an octopus.  

The big day had finally come.

Even the prince’s new bride needed to be protected, the Little Mermaid was aware. She then pulled out a knife. The Little Mermaid was suddenly pulled off the ship by one of the Sea Witches’ tentacles! The Sea Witch exclaimed, “This is the end for you!”

The tentacle had already encircled the Little Mermaid before she even realised it. She was spun right up to the Sea Witch’s chest. The Sea Witch’s very own knife was in her hand, and she used it to plunge it deep into the monster’s chest.

The Little Mermaid was released as the Sea Witch recoiled in agony. The passengers fled the ship in terror.

The beast was hit repeatedly by the prince’s arrows. The Sea Witch finally sank below the surface of the water. The Little Mermaid’s voice was released as she fell and it came back to her.

prince found his love

The princess then said, “What a miserable kingdom this is!” in a harsh, gruff voice. You can’t even have a real wedding!” When the prince heard the princess, he realised she was not who he had assumed. After that, the Little Mermaid began to sing. The prince recognised the voice as being that of the person he had grown to love.

The princess left the wedding ship in a rage. And her family was not far behind.

The sceptre was floating in the water when the Sea King got there, as if it were expecting him. It was once more his with a sweep of his arm.

Well,” the Sea King exclaimed. I can tell my daughter is in capable hands. He hoisted the Little Mermaid back onto the ship with a wave of his sceptre.

The prince embraced her with his arms. The prince said, “Now I know it was you all along!” The question “Will you marry me?” Now that The Little Mermaid’s voice had returned. She was so happy within, though, that she was unable to speak. So she gave a warm smile and a “yes” nod. and thats how the story ends.


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