Beauty and the beast

A wealthy businessman with three daughters once spared no expense for their education because he was wise. His daughters grew up to be exceedingly attractive, specifically the youngest of them, who was given the unusual name

A wealthy businessman with three daughters once spared no expense for their education because he was wise. His daughters grew up to be exceedingly attractive, specifically the youngest of them, who was given the unusual name Beauty, which made her sisters envious of her beauty.

The two eldest were quite proud of their wealth. They put on absurd airs, refused to hang out with anyone but people of quality, and would not see the daughters of other merchants. They often made fun of their youngest sister since she spent the majority of her time reading good books, even though they frequently went out for events, balls, musicals, plays, and other events.

The trader lost his entire fortune all at once, taking a little country cottage far from the town, and telling his kids in sorrow on the eyes that they had to leave there and work to survive. The two oldest claimed we weren’t going to be forced to leave their hometown since they had several well-known merchants who, despite their lack of wealth, they were confident would be happy to have them. The decent ladies were misguided, however, as their lovers abandoned and belittled them due to their impoverishment. We are extremely happy when we see their arrogance humbled, let them go, and offer themselves quality because they were not liked because of their pride, everyone remarked; that they are not deserving to be pitied. We are extremely happy to see their arrogance broken, to let them free, and to see them put on a good show while caring for their dairy and milking the cows. But they said, “We are deeply worried for Beauty, for that she seems an incredibly charming, sweet-tempered creature, who speaks so kindly to the poor, she had such a friendly, gracious nature.”

The merchant started working in the fields as soon as they arrived at their country home, and Beauty got up around 4 in the morning. She hurried to organize the house and get the family’s breakfast on the table before the others awoke. Since she wasn’t accustomed to working as a servant, she initially found it quite difficult, yet after less than two months, she became healthier and more powerful than ever. After finishing her task, she read, played the harpsichord, sang, or spun yarn while doing so.

Her two sisters, on the other hand, had no idea how to pass the time. They awoke at 10 and spent the entire day dozing off while regretting losing all of their elegant attire and friends. Do but see how well our youngest sister fits into living a life filled with menial labor,” they snickered to each other.


About a year after moving into the country home, the merchant received word that a ship carrying hundreds of pieces of fabric and silks he had ordered, which he had believed to be lost at sea, had in fact arrived safely. The family was delighted with their good fortune. Both of their eldest daughters begged their father to purchase them new necklaces made of gems and strong golden chains when they saw him getting ready to go, but Beauty merely wanted a rose.

The righteous man started on his quest. However, there were issues regarding who controlled the boat and the goods on board when he arrived, and after much trouble and suffering for nothing, he returned just as poor as when he had left, especially after purchasing the lovely fresh bracelet and gold chain he had promised to give to his both older daughters. He led his horse far into the woods in the hopes of finding a rosebush to grant his youngest daughter’s request. The poor man realized he was completely lost as the sun fell and the wind started to howl. In addition, he was aware that the rain and snow may cause him to freeze to death from hunger or thirst or for him to be eaten by wolves, who he could hear howling all around him. He then noticed a light in the distance in an instant while scanning through a lengthy corridor of trees. As he continued, he became aware that it was coming from a location that was completely candle-lit.

The merchant arrived quickly but was shocked to discover that nobody was inside the outer courts. The horse followed him and entered a large stable when it was open, where it found hay and oats. The poor animal, who was nearly starving, started gorging itself. The merchant led the man by the manger while tying him to the door and moving towards the empty house. He discovered an excellent fireplace and a table with plenty of food when he walked inside a spacious hall. He moved close to the flames to dry himself because the snow and rain had completely covered him. I hope the owner of the house or his staff will pardon the liberty I take,” he stated. I imagine it won’t take long for some of them to show up.”

11 o’clock

He waited until eleven o’clock had passed with no one showing up.

When his hunger finally reached an all-time high, he grabbed a chicken leg and devoured everything in two mouthfuls while shivering. He had a couple of glasses of wine after that. As he gained confidence, he left the hallway and entered a chamber after passing through several big apartments filled with exquisite furniture. Given the excellent bed in the chamber and the fact that he was exhausted and it was after midnight, he decided it would be better to close the door and get some rest.

The merchant didn’t get out of bed until eight the following morning. He was shocked to discover a nice set of clothes put lying on the mattress which would accommodate him perfectly as he was about to stand up. He asserted that it is without a doubt the property of a kind of fairy who has observed and sympathized with my plight. He later went back to the huge room where he had dinner the previous night and discovered some ready-made chocolate on a small table. He said out loud, “Thanks a lot, good Madam Fairy, for being so thoughtful enough to provide me with breakfast. I owe you a great deal for all of your kindness.

After finishing his chocolate, the nice man proceeded in search of his horse, but while he was walking by a rose arbor, he thought of Beauty’s request and grabbed a branch that had several flowers on it. He immediately heard a loud crash that sounded like thunder, and when he turned to look, he noticed a huge monster with two tusks in its mouth and bright red eyes that were encircled with bristles and horns that protruded from its head and covered its back.

the beast

Who told you that you could take my rose, Mortal?” shouted the beast.

In dread and fear for his life, the merchant begged the man, “Please, sir. I promise my little girl to bring her a rose and forgotten about it until the last moment. But I noticed your lovely landscape so assumed you weren’t going to miss one rose, otherwise I might have got your permission.”

The beast declared, “Your life is forfeit; stealing is stealing, whether it was a rose or a diamond.”

The merchant bowed down and pleaded for his life on behalf of his three daughters, who had no one else to turn to for financial support. He pleaded with his master to pardon him, saying that he had no intention of offending anyone when he went to get a rose from one of his daughters because she had asked him to do so.

“I think you claim you have daughters,” the monster answered. “I will pardon you, provided one of them comes freely and endures suffering in your place. Swear you’re going to will be back in three months and put yourself at my service should one one of your girls refuses to die in my place.

So the businessman vowed. He picked up his rose and headed home on his horse.

His daughters surrounded him as soon as he entered his home, waving their hands and exuding delight in every way. He gave his oldest daughter the necklace, his second daughter the gold chain, and his youngest daughter the rose, sighing as he did so.

All of them exclaimed, “Oh, thank you, father.”

The smallest, though, questioned, “For what reason would you cry with such sorrow after you presented me with my rose?”

The shopkeeper promised to inform the customer later.

So, despite the merchant’s gloomy and depressed wanderings for several days, they coexisted peacefully until, under pressure from his youngest child, he finally narrated his tragic tale.

The two oldest started crying out inconsolably right away, accusing poor Beauty, and insulting her in every way possible.

Since the demon will take one of his daughters, Beauty declared, “I will submit to all of his wrath. I feel extremely pleased about knowing that my passing will preserve my dad’s existence, also become an example of how much I deep love for him.”

The merchant answered, “Beauty, I am fascinated by your wonderful and generous offer, but I cannot permit you to do it. I have a limited amount of time left as I am old and will probably die soon.

Indeed, Father, you must accompany me to the palace; you can’t prevent me from doing so, said Beauty. The sisters were secretly excited at the possibility of finally getting rid of Beauty when she insisted on leaving for the palace and made the appropriate arrangements for herself.

The following day, the merchant went off to the beast’s home while pulling Beauty after him on the horse as was customary at the time. What do you suppose they noticed when the doors to the home opened after they dismounted from his horse and arrived there? Nothing.

They entered the dining room after climbing the stairs and passing through the hallway.

There, they observed a table that was fully set up with a variety of lovely glasses, plates, dishes, and napkins, as well as lots of food. They continued to wait, believing that the house’s owner would eventually show up, until the merchant finally suggested, “Come on, seat down together and wait what happens then.” As they sat down, items to eat and drink were delivered to them by invisible hands, and they consumed these items to their hearts’ content. When they got up from the table, the object rose with them and then vanished through the door like it was being carried by intangible helpers.

The Beast suddenly filled the entryway. He roared, “Is she your youngest daughter?”

The Beast then asked, “Is she ready to remain here with me?” after he had declared that it was.

He then turned to face Beauty, who responded with a shaky “Yes, sir.”

Well, you won’t suffer any harm. As he was leading the merchant to his horse, he remarked, “Honest human beings, leave your own way the next day, and do not think about coming here again.” The Beast then went back to Beauty and told her, “This home and everything in it is yours; whenever you wish for anything, simply clap your hands together and speak the word, and everything will get brought to you. He then made a kind of bow before leaving.

Beauty continued to live in the Beast’s house while being catered to by unseen servants and eating and drinking whatever she pleased, but she soon became weary of being alone. Even though the Beast appeared to be terrifying the next day, she had been treated so nicely that she had mostly forgotten her fear of him. Together, they discussed the house, garden, her father’s business, and a variety of other topics, which caused Beauty to completely lose her dread of the beast.

The Beast warned Beauty, “I will end our chat and leavy you should my presence is an inconvenience. Tell me, do you not find me to be really ugly.

It’s true, Beauty remarked, “for I cannot lie, but I think you are very kind-hearted.”

Yes, the Beast acknowledged, “my nature is good, but I am still a monster.”

There are many people in humanity who merit the moniker over you, but I prefer you to those who, while appearing human, have a heart that is malicious, corrupt, and unappreciative.

A full dinner had been consumed, and Beauty had almost overcame her fear towards the monster, but when he asked, “Beauty, would you be my wife?” she nearly passed out.

She hesitated for a while before answering out of fear of upsetting him if she did. But eventually, she shook her head and murmured, “No, Beast.” The unfortunate beast immediately groaned and screamed in such a terrifying way that the entire palace echoed. Beast answered in a melancholy voice, “After that goodbye, Beauty,” and left the space, but Beauty soon overcame her fear.

The following three months were quite happy ones for Beauty in the palace. Because she had seen the Beast so frequently, she had grown accustomed to his disfigurement and would frequently check her wristwatch to determine when the clock would be nine as the Beast was always arriving at that time. Beauty was only concerned about one thing—the monster’s nightly proclamation that he wanted her as his wife before she got into bed. “Beast, you make me very nervous. I hope I could consent to get married to you, however, I am so honest to let you think it will always happen; I shall always regard you as a beast,” she said to him one day.

The Beast responded, “Well, I guess I must, but, oh! I understand well my own misery. Even if I should be happy that you’re staying, make a commitment to never leave me.

These words caused Beauty to flush. I could vow to never leave you, she said. However, my want to see my father is so strong that I fear I will worry myself to death if you deny me that satisfaction.

Maybe this will help,” the Beast remarked. He gave her a wooden handled looking glass, and in the circular mirror she saw a reflection of Beauty’s father, who was sick with longing for her.

She shouted out, “Oh!” and all the colour left her cheeks.

The creature declared, “Well, I would rather kill myself than cause you even the slightest discomfort. I’ll deliver you to your dad. You may stay with him for a week, but the poor Beast will pass away from grief if you don’t come back by the conclusion of the week.

I therefore vow to come back in a week, Beauty stated.

The Beast commanded, “I think you will be there tomorrow early. “Bring this ring and this amazing seeing glass with you. To return, all you need to do is place the ring on a mirror before going to bed. Goodbye, Beauty.

The following morning, when Beauty awoke, she discovered herself at her dad’s home. Her father let out a loud shout and believed he would die of delight upon seeing his beloved daughter again when she hurriedly dressed and made her way to the kitchen. Over thirty minutes, he kept her tightly bound in his arms. The father informed Beauty that both of her older sisters were married as soon as the initial shipments were completed.

Beauty despatched her sisters, who arrived quickly with their husbands, to find her.

They were both in a terrible mood.

The oldest had married a guy who was quite gorgeous indeed, but who was so devoted to himself that he abandoned his wife in favour of living only for himself. The second one had married a witty man, but he simply used it to annoy and tease everyone, especially his wife. Beauty’s sisters were stricken with remorse when they saw her looking more lovely than ever and dressed as a princess; no amount of her obedient affectionate behaviour could quell their resentment, which was bursting at the seams when she informed them how pleased she was. They cried out their frustration in the garden and questioned one another about how this small creature was superior to them. that she ought to be so much more content? “Sister,” the eldest remarked, “a notion just crossed my mind. She informed us that she would only be staying for one week. Attempt to keep her for longer than a week. She might end up being devoured by the monster since he will be so furious with her for violating her pledge.

Right, sister,” the other retorted. They returned home and treated their sister so kindly that poor Beauty cried with joy. She vowed to remain another week after the week was out since they sobbed and ripped their hair and seemed to be grieving her departure.

Beauty, who genuinely loved the Beast and yearned to see him again, could not help but feel terrible about the possibility that she was inflicting misery on the wretched creature. The Beast was in the royal garden during the tenth evening she spent there, suffering—possibly even dying—of loneliness for her. When Beauty was shocked out of her slumber, she sobbed uncontrollably and stood up straight in bed. She questioned, “Am I not really terrible to act in such a cruel way towards Beast, who has worked so hard to satisfy me in everything? Is his hideous appearance his fault? That is plenty because he is good and kind. Why did I decline to be his wife?

It is better, the delicacy of temper, and consideration in a husband that makes a woman happy, and the Beast possesses all these important qualities. I could be better with the demon than both of my sisters now with their husbands. After saying this, Beauty stood up, placed the ring on the surface of the mirror, and then went back to bed. She had just gotten onto the mattress before Beauty fell unconscious, and when she woke up the following morning, she was ecstatic to discover herself in the palace of the Beast.

She dressed in one of her most expensive suits and waited impatiently for nighttime to arrive. When it did, the timer struck nine, but the Beast was nowhere to be seen. Then, fearing she was to blame for his demise, Beauty raced around the palace sobbing and wringing her hands, looking for him everywhere, until she recalled what had happened and flew to the garden where she had imagined seeing him. She discovered the poor Beast there, sprawled out and seemingly dead. When she discovered that his heart wasn’t beating, she threw herself on him and went to get a little water from the waterway to pour on his head. Beast widened his eyes and addressed Beauty as “Beauty,”

You broke your word, and I was so distraught at losing you that I decided to starve myself. However, now that I have the joy of seeing you again, I can pass away content.

You must not perish, Beast, Beauty admonished. Desire to be my spouse; starting from now, I offer you my hand and promise to be yours alone. Alas! The sadness I am currently experiencing has convinced me that I have more than just a friendship with you.

As soon as she spoke it, the beast’s hide split in two, revealing a very gorgeous young prince. The prince explained to the princess that his body had been taken over by a sorcerer and would not be able to return to his original form until a girl would voluntarily confess her love for him.

The trader and his daughters were then brought in by the prince, who then married Beauty and they all enjoyed happily ever after.

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