the CHINESE girl mulan

China was engaged in a major war many years ago. According to the Emperor, one male from each Chinese family must enlist in the military. Teenage Mulan, who resided in a remote Chinese town, learned of the news while outdoors doing her laundry.

Mulan entered the home quickly. While seated in a chair, her father was working on a piece of wood. Father, she exclaimed. Did you hear what the Emperor ordered every family to carry out?

mulan and his father:

Yes, her elderly father confirmed, “I heard about it in town. So I might as well start packing. He set down the sculpture, got to his feet, and made a very sluggish exit for his room.

Wait, Father, you have not been feeling well, said Mulan. If I may, why must you keep up with all those young men when you are older?

What else is possible, her father asked. Your brother is a young person. He can not leave.

Mulan replied, “Of course that is true. He is too young. But I have a thought. A cup of tea was poured for her father, who then received it. “Father, enjoy a cup of tea. Do sit for a moment. I will come back immediately.

Very well, sweetheart,” the father replied.

mulan cutting her hair:

Mulan entered her space. She slashed off her long, black hair with her sword. She donned the robe of her father. Mulan murmured as she turned to face her father, “Look at me. Now, I am your son. Instead of you, I shall go. I will contribute what I can to China.

No, my daughter, the old man retorted. “You cannot carry this out!”

Mulan said, “Father, listen please.” You have been teaching me Kung Fu for years. You demonstrated how to use a sword to me.

Mulan vigorously swung the sword back and forth.

Only to ensure your safety, her father exclaimed. I had no intention of sending you to battle. You are aware of this just as well as I am if they learn that you are a woman.

Mulan assured her father, “No one will learn. She retrieved her sword.

mulan dressed:

Mulan, the Father exclaimed. He struggled to stand up and had to hang onto his chair.

His daughter gave him a farewell kiss. She said, “Father, I love you.” “Look for yourself. Inform my brother that I bid him adieu. She mounted the household horse. She then left to enlist in the army of the Emperor.

Mulan demonstrated her bravery as a soldier in the army. She eventually gained control over other soldiers.

Because of how smoothly her battles went, she was given command of more warriors. Her struggles continued to go well. Mulan was given the top position after a few years; she would be the army’s general.

A terrible fever quickly spread among the army shortly after that. Numerous soldiers were ill. Additionally, Mulan, the army’s general, fell ill.

The doctor was aware of the truth when he emerged from Mulan’s tent.

The soldiers exclaimed, “The General is a woman?”

“How can this be?”  Some called out, “She tricked us!” and “We will not fight for a woman!” They said, “Punish her!  Make her pay!  The cost is for her to die!” 

But others called out, in voices just as loud, “With Mulan, we win every battle!”  They said, “Stay away from our General!”

Just then, a soldier ran up.  “Everyone!” he called.  “A surprise attack is coming!”   

Mulan heard this from inside her tent.  She got dressed and went outside.  She was not yet strong but stood tall. 

mulan leading SOLDIERS:

She instructed the men on where to hide so they could launch an attack when the enemy arrived. However, they must arrive quickly! The soldiers could tell that Mulan was knowledgeable about her subject, even those who did not appreciate that their General was a woman.

It succeeded! The fight had been won. It was such a significant triumph that the adversary eventually gave up. China was saved, and the war was finished! You may be sure that after the final battle, nobody gave a damn about Mulan’s gender.

Mulan ending the protracted war made the Emperor so happy that he disregarded the prohibition against women. He commanded Mulan, “Stay with me in the palace.”
“An intelligent person like you would make a great royal advisor.”

Mulan made a deep bow.She remarked, “You are too kind, sire.”But if you would. To be with my family again is what I most desire.

The Emperor answered, “Then at least accept these lovely gifts. “That way, everyone in your village will know how highly the Chinese Emperor regards you.”

mulan happily reaced her village:

Mulan brought six excellent horses and six fine weapons back to her village. She was safe, and everyone rejoiced. Their very own Mulan was the one who had saved China.

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