princess tiana and the frog

tiana the princess:

Once upon a time, a Princess Tiana existed.  Many prospective husbands sought her out at the palace, but the Princess felt that each of them merely glanced at her without actually seeing her. She frowned to herself, “They act like a princess is nothing more than her beautiful crown and royal attire.” The Princess had the following day after one of those visits: “Sometimes I wished I were little again.” She located her childhood favorite ball, the one that shone when she flung it toward the sun.  As she flung the ball higher and higher into the palace yard.

One time she threw it extra high and when she ran to catch the ball, she tripped on a tree stump. The ball fell and plopped right down into the royal well!  She raced over to fetch her ball before it dropped too far, but by the time she got there, she could no longer see it in the water.

princess tiana and the frog:

No problem,” said the Frog.  “But first there’s something I must ask of you.”

The Frog continued, “I want you to spend some time with me today

The Princess remarked, “I’m not sure I understand what that implies.

The Frog urged the audience to simply spend time with him today.

The Princess responded, “All right then, fine!”  Please go get my ball now.

The Frog responded, “I’m on it.”  He plunged far into the well. A little while later, he rose to his feet while holding the ball erect in one hand.

Thank you,” said the Princess, taking it from him.  

She turned to go.

“Wait a minute!” said the Frog.  “You promised to spend time with me today!”

With a shrug, she replied, “I already did.”  Back at the palace, she went, walking.

There was a knocking on the door that evening while she was having supper with her family & the royal advisors. The door wasn’t occupied when the servant opened it. The Frog cleared his throat while crouching low.

She said with a shrug, “I already did.”  She walked back to the palace.

That evening, when she was eating dinner, her family and the royal advisors knocked on the door. The servant opened the door, but it was unlocked. The Frog squatted down and cleared his throat.

The servants quickly set a new place setting for the Frog, and he hopped over to the royal dining table.

The conversation turned to a topic of concern in the kingdom.  None of the royal advisers knew what to do. “Father, if I may,” said the Princess.  “Perhaps we could

“Stop!” said the King, cutting her off.  “I have enough advisors, believe me.”

“If I may,” said the Frog, and it was the first time he had spoken at the table.  

“There’s more to a princess than her fine crown and royal dresses.”

The Princess stared at the Frog. How could this little frog – more than anyone else – understand such a thing?

 After dinner, the Frog bowed to the Princess.  He said, “You have done what you said you would do.  I suppose it’s time now for me to go.”

“No wait!” said the Princess, “it’s not that late.  How about a walk in the garden?”

The Frog was delighted.  The two of them walked into the royal garden, the Frog hopping along the stone wall so he and the Princess were at the same level and could talk easily. They made a lot of jokes together. They marveled at the vivid rosy crimson hues the setting sun created in the sky afterward.

You know, spending the evening with you was much more enjoyable than I anticipated, the Princess remarked.  her as she leaned over. I had a great time, too, the Frog added. With a chuckle, the Princess exclaimed, “Who knew?” The Frog received a quick cheek kiss from the princess

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