sleeping beauty

A royal couple formerly reigned in France. They wanted a child more than everything. Finally, the Queen delivered birth to a tiny girl, much to their joy. Bells all around the country were rung joyfully.

the royal couple

To the baby’s naming party, the royal couple and Queen invited every fairy in the realm. Such a party it was, too! Each visitor was served with cutlery and plates made of pure gold. Maleficent, a fairy who had vanished 50 years prior and hadn’t been seen for all that time, suddenly appeared at the door. The royal couple selected a place arrangement for the new visitor without delay. Unfortunately, the cutlery and the plate weren’t made of pure gold. The elderly fairy was furious as a result.

As soon as possible, it was time for each Fairy to endow the infant with her blessing.
When Maleficent’s turn came, she rose up and jabbed the sleeping infant girl inside the cradle with her long finger.

Maleficent yelled, “I declare, before all of you, this little girl, on her sixteenth birthday, will prick her finger on the spindle of a wheel that spins and die!”

the evil fairy

The bad fairy disappeared with a whoosh of smoke. You can imagine the screams of alarm that came from everyone. However, one fairy still hadn’t given her approval. The royal couple and Queen requested that this fairy, Merryweather, break the spell. That was not conceivable, Merryweather sadly shook her head in agreement. She might, however, lessen the curse.

When the little girl pricks her finger on the spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, she won’t die; instead, she will doze off for a century, the woman said.

The Queen exclaimed, “One hundred years!” “We won’t know our daughter anymore once she turns 16,” said the parent.

Every spinning wheel in the kingdom was to be taken to the palace and set ablaze, the King commanded.

In addition, he gave Merryweather and the fairies Flora and Fauna instructions to remove the infant far away so that the princess wouldn’t even be close to a spinning wheel.

princess aurora

The child would be raised by fairies in a cabin tucked away in the forest. They would safeguard her there till she turned 16 years old. It would be okay to bring the little girl, she had been called Aurora, back to the castle after that day.

The three fairies, whom Aurora knew as her aunts, were the only people Aurora knew as a child. Her friends were the forest’s animals.

She was followed by the birds, deer, chipmunks, and bunnies as she gave them snacks and crooned to them.

Aurora had been instructed to remain within the hills that surrounding them since she was a young child. That didn’t bother her at all. She had lots of space to play in the hills’ interior woods, which were broad and deep.

When Aurora returned to the cabin one day, she saw her three aunts getting ready for a party. What’s happening, she questioned.

“We’ll enjoy your 16th birthday tonight!” Flora stated.

It is? questioned Aurora. That indicates that I will return to the castle tomorrow.

Yes, Merryweather replied. “For 16 years, we have protected you from that spinning wheel. It is almost time for you to begin living as a princess in the royal court.

“And the first step for you will be to get married,” Fauna remarked.

Already married? Aurora stated. “Are you aware of my intended spouse?”

We do, but there’s no need to be concerned about that, Fauna remarked with a wave of her hand. Even though he’s a little odd—some might even say a little horrifying—you won’t have to interact with him for very long.

With a brief smile, Flora said, “And he does come from a wonderful family.

Aurora drew back and exclaimed, “Wait a minute!” “Why do you think he’s kind of horrible?”

It’s best not to think about such things, sweetie, Merryweather said.

You will be OK if you follow your husband’s instructions, Flora advised.

Aurora said, “This is not turning out how I thought it would. How long must I continue to be married?

Of sure, for the rest of your life, Fauna said.

aurora thinking

Aurora exclaimed, “No, no, this is all wrong. She firmly exclaimed, turning away, “I would rather prick my finger on a spinning wheel and sleep for a century than be forced to wed someone I don’t want to wed! Maybe by the time I wake up, people won’t have to get married if they don’t want to!” She then sprinted out the door.

“Dear me,” Merryweather addressed the other two fairies. That didn’t seem to go over well, in my opinion.

As her animal pals lived in the woods, Aurora fled there.

Alongside her, a deer, rabbits, and chipmunks were all hopping. She told them all, “We have to get out of here. She then indicated a mountain pass, saying, “We will go right through the hills.”

Aurora soon reached a road. A carriage was approaching her from a distance. Her animal companions dispersed as the rider got closer.

The stranger yelled, “Hail!” “I’m sorry, but my carriage scared your pets away. Would you like a lift?

Never having seen a man before, Aurora. She couldn’t, though, for her aunts would take her back to the palace the very next day unless she could locate a spinning wheel.

Actually, Aurora told the unknown man, “There is something I really need.”

The stranger exited the carriage asking, “What’s that?” He was well-mannered and quite well-dressed.

a spining wheel

The stranger said, “A spinning wheel!” But everyone is aware that there are none remaining in the country.

Well, as you can see, I have this friend, remarked Aurora, rubbing her hands together. She desperately needs a spinning wheel. Aurora gave the stranger a direct glance. “Life or death is at stake.”

The unknown person focused on Aurora’s eyes. Finally, he answered, “I might know of one.” But this must remain a private matter between us. The unknown person moved in near.

An elderly woman who spent her entire life spinning yarn lives not far from here.

She was unable to bear to part with her cherished spinning wheel because it had been in her family for a very long time when the orders to burn all the spinning wheels came. She came to me because I’m a royal from the next kingdom, he added, pointing down the road. She pleaded with me to let her carefully store it away. So, until the 16 years had passed, I stored it in the attic room of my castle tower, which is never used.

aurora and the prince

“Would you take me to your castle tower?” Aurora stated.

“I shouldn’t,” the prince said. After a little pause, he responded, “But I will.”

She got aboard his horse-drawn carriage. They both stepped outside as soon as they arrived at the tower. “This is not for your friend, is it?” the prince asked.

Aurora remarked, “Thank you for bringing me here. “I will never forget your generosity. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go about my business.

Aurora made a U-turn and ascended the tower stairs all the way to the top. The door squeaked open in front of her. Everything inside was dim and musty. Because of all the spider webs, she could hardly move.

But she moved past them and went forward. The spinning wheel was there, over to the side. She could see the sun was already lowering through a little window. Before it’s too late, she said, “I hope this works.”

To the spindle’s tip, Aurora extended her finger. She poked that spindle with her finger. Her finger leaked one tiny drop of blood. Aurora experienced instant vertigo. She stumbled onto an old, dusty velvet blanket on the attic floor and dozed off. The prince, who was still waiting for her outside the tower, eventually fell asleep, along with all the other residents of the castle, including servants and royals.

Within a few hours, thorns and vines had begun to grow and had encircled the castle in such a dense manner that no people nor animals could pass through.

aurora slept 100 years

Aurora blinked her eyes open after a hundred years had passed. Then everyone else in the castle woke up as well. Everyone resumed doing what they had been doing when they had all dozed off a century earlier. The thorns and vines that surrounded the fortress vanished.

In an effort to locate the prince, Aurora descended the tower steps.

They entered the prince’s carriage as a unit. They found a brand-new universe when they travelled down the street to the market plaza. Such wonders to behold: bicycles, streetcars, cameras, and lighting.

Perhaps most importantly, they discovered that, in this weird new world, it was perfectly acceptable for young men and women to get to know one another and even possibly fall in love.

That is exactly what Aurora and the Prince wanted to accomplish as they held each other’s hands and set off to explore this magnificent new world.

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