seven dwarfs and snow white

A princess by the name of Snow White once resided inside a castle with her dad, the King, and stepmother, the Queen. She must treat everyone fairly in court, as her father had constantly emphasized to his daughter. People come to the castle whenever they have problems, he said. They depend on the ruler to render a just judgment. Being fair is the most important thing.


Snow White’s stepmother, the Queen, was aware of the significance of this for her husband. She hurried to her magical mirror as soon as she had the chance. The Queen said, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.” The question “Who is the fairest of them all?”

The Magic Mirror declared, “Snow White is the most fairest of them all!”

The Queen exclaimed, “What?!” “I am the only one who is fair! Everyone is aware that the Queen must have the finest of everything. What is more justifiable?

The Magic Mirror proclaimed, “Snow White is the loveliest of them all!”

The Queen shouted, “What do you know, you’re a mirror!” She then stormed out.

The Queen was still disturbed. She upset the Queen so much that she decided to finally get rid of the girl.

She exclaimed, “I can’t wait another day!” A huntsman, the Queen’s servant, was summoned. She directed her pointed finger at the maid, “Find an excuse for taking Snow White far into the woods.” Then murder her.

Huntsman was stunned by this! But what could he do—she was the Queen? He led Snow White toward the woods the following day. Snow White whirled around as he prepared to murder her with his knife.

She yelled, “Look,” pulling something from her pocket. “You have always treated me well,” He was presented with six flawless points that she had painstakingly crafted. Do you enjoy these, she asked. They belong to you.

“Snow White,” the huntsman murmured. “I am unable to do this!”

You may take these, of course, Snow White said.

The servant clarified, “That is not what I meant. He knelt and bowed. “How can I tell you this? Your stepmother, the Queen, gave me orders to kill you, he claimed. I can’t, though.

“What did she do?” Snow White screamed in distress.

You must flee, the huntsman commanded. “Very deep in the woods. Now! And do not return to the castle ever!”

Snow White twisted and hurried into the woods as quickly as she could. She ran down further and deeper. The wolves began to howl as it grew dark outside. She fell, tearing her skirt as a result. Tall tree limbs appeared to be trying to grasp her from the very ground. She was bleeding, scratched, and terrified. But she kept running.

Suddenly, there was an electrical in the distance. Who was residing in the dense forest? She took a step forward. It was a cabin! However, only light from the doors and windows and silence emanated from the cottage.

She lightly rapped on the door and greeted him, “Hello?” “Hello?” No response. The doorway was slightly ajar. She widened it further before entering. Hello, who is at home?

She took a peek around. What a disaster! She hadn’t previously encountered a living room as messy.

She remarked, “This cottage could be the greatest mess I have ever seen.” But at least I have shelter over my head tonight. I might be able to earn my sleep if I tidy up around here.

snow white thinking of prince

She was thinking about someone she was already missing as she cleaned. She and a Prince from another kingdom got to know one another before her father remarried. They would converse and laugh while taking strolls through the royal garden.

No more guests were allowed when the Queen settled into the castle, per her stepmother’s new regulation. The Prince was now forced to sneak past the palace gate. They may converse briefly if he called to her from beneath her window. Although it was not as enjoyable as the lengthy walks, this remained the greatest they could do.

Could she ever meet him again after having to flee her house?

Snow White went upstairs after tidying up the main room. Seven tiny beds were arranged in a row on the second story, appearing to be for young children. Snow White groaned and stretched out across all seven beds, exhausted from cleaning. She soon fell asleep.

shocked dwarfs

Seven Dwarfs were also returning home after a long day of labor in the gem mines. You can hardly imagine their shock as they unlocked the door and saw their cottage immaculate!

Doc, the member of the Dwarfs, inquired as to the nature of the magic.

Another of the Dwarfs exclaimed, “I could use more magic like this!” with a smile. Dopey was his name.

We should investigate upstairs, another dwarf named Grumpy remarked. “There’s something fishy going on here,” she said.

A young lady who was sound sleeping was there, sprawled across each of their beds.

Snow White jerked to life. She appeared to be as shocked as the Seven Dwarfs were. They soon all became at ease and began to tell stories.

They were known as Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy by Snow White. She informed everyone of her stepmother. That the hunter who had released her for good in the woods after her stepmother tried to have her killed, that she would never be able to return home.

Bashful urged the group to remain together.

That’s lovely, Snow White said. But I was able to take care of all of you if I stayed here at your house.

Sneezy responded, “You just cleaned up our place.”

As long as we all contribute, keeping the house tidy will be simple, Snow White assured. I am going to let everybody know what they can contribute, and of course, I will contribute my fair amount as well.

“That’s fair,” Happy remarked.

Snow White remarked, “But there needs to be another thing I might be able to do for you.

The Seven Dwarfs shook their heads.

Doc asked, “Do you understand how to read?” We have books full of fantastic stories that we would dearly want to read. So it was decided that Snow White would help them in reading.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs danced and sang all night long to toast their new friendship.

The Seven Dwarfs told Snow White not to reveal the door to anyone the following day before they left for work. Nobody knew what evil her stepmom might do, after all. The Dwarfs walked out of the house when the princess appeared and nodded in agreement. The first reading lesson was arranged by the princess. When the Seven Dwarfs arrived home that evening, she also made a delicious hot meal for them. So the days went by.

The Queen made her way over to her mirror at the castle’s entrance. “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” she commanded. The question “Who is the prettiest of them all?”

magical mirror

The Magic Mirror declared, “Snow White is the prettiest of them all!”

The Queen exclaimed, “That’s impossible!” “The girl has passed away!”

Snow White is alive, the Magic Mirror exclaimed. And a reflection of Snow White, who resides in the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage, was displayed on the mirror.

The Queen became furious, turning red. What do she feel she is? she yelled. You won’t get away with it, Snow White!”

The Seven Dwarfs were out at work the following afternoon when someone knocked on the door of the Dwarfs’ dwelling.

Snow White asked, “Who is it?” She recalled the Seven Dwarfs’ advice never to open the entrance to strangers.

A squeaky voice said, “It’s just a poor old woman selling apples. However, it was the demon Queen posing as an elderly person. Her voice came through the door, “My dear, it’s raining out here.” Saying “Please let me in.”

Snow White sighed, “Poor thing, going from house to house offering apples in the storm. She did this by opening the door.

The elderly woman, who at this point you are aware was the Queen posing as the Queen, added, “Look at this big red apple.” She put Snow White’s face close to the red fruit. Beautiful, my love, isn’t it “

the red apple

Snow White pleaded, “I would love to buy your apple.” But I am cash-strapped.

“That beautiful brush on the hair is going to be a good trade,” the elderly woman observed.

Okay then,” exclaimed Snow White. The elderly woman received the apple after she removed the comb from her curls and presented it to her. Big mouthful from Snow White. Sadly, the fruit was contaminated! Snow White immediately collapsed on the ground and dozed off.

The Queen said, throwing her fists in the air, “YES!”

The door suddenly swung open. The Seven Dwarfs entered, having returned from their day’s labor. They were shocked when they discovered Snow White on the ground and what appeared to be her stepmother smiling next to her.

That wicked Queen was flung out the door into the storm by them. They pursued her to a mountain’s summit. The mountain was struck by lightning at once! The Queen lost her balance and vanished without a trace.

However, support was nonexistent for poor Snow White. She remained still as she dozed off. She was carefully lowered into a glass casket by the Seven Dwarfs. They kept vigil over her day and night.

The Prince just so happened to be passing by one day. He had been actively looking for Snow White ever since learning that she had vanished from the palace. Finally, he had located her, yet in an unusual state! The glass coffin was opened by the Prince.

Even in her deep sleep, her face still appeared to be young.

the prince

He softly grasped a hand belonging to Snow White and kissed it. Snow White’s eyes instantly opened! The evil Queen’s enchantment was permanently broken with Love’s First Kiss. Nothing could now prevent Snow White and the Prince from remaining together forever. They went back to the Prince’s realm and had a long, happy life there.

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